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If you have timber decking at your home or business, definitely consider Des Moines Deck Builders for your staining needs. There are a variety of benefits to staining your deck, not the least being the fact that it’ll keep your deck looking its best as you protect your investment.

Staining will protect the wood of your deck from exposure to the elements which could cause rotting. Unprotected decking can quickly decay and rot – once that sets in, saving a deck is difficult. Rotten decking is not only costly to repair and replace, it’s regularly structurally unsafe and a danger to people walking on it.

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Staining will also help protect the wood from water, making it resistant to mildew and mold. Another huge benefit is that it will also help keep out a wide variety of different pests, including termites who can easily destroy your decking.

Another popular reason that many choose to stain their deck here in Des Moines is to help protect it from discoloration. Wood if left consistently exposed to sunlight can turn to a dullish color. By getting your deck professionally stained, you can help protect the wood from sunlight exposure and keep it looking its best for longer.

The number one reason for deck staining is to ensure your decking remains shiny, beautiful and lasts for years to come. Standing as a single best way to protect the investment you have made in this addition to your home or business. 

What are the pros and cons of the different Deck Stains

Before you can choose the correct product to protect or restore a wooden deck, it’s important to understand the key ingredients and opacity of different wood stains. There’s a vast difference between the cheap and expensive deck stains available. To help you choose the best for your decking, we look at the different type of deck stains and some pros and cons of each.

Sealer vs Stain

There isn’t much of a difference between a deck sealer and a deck stain. They contain many similar ingredients and perform a comparable job. However, sealers are transparent and deck stains will color the wood.

Water Based, or Oil Based Deck Stains

Oil Deck Stains


  • Prevents mold growth as it is a natural water repellent
  • Can help protect your wood from cracking or warping


  • Can take up to 48 hours to fully dry following application
  • Needs additional solvents to clean paint sprayers and brushes after use
  • Oil-based deck stains are extremely flammable and fumes and liquid can ignite under the right conditions so they need to be handled and stored with extreme care

Water-based Stains 


  • More environmentally friendly as they produce fewer fumes, and have much lower VOC (volatile organic chemicals) content
  • Clean up is easy following application, all it takes is water and soap
  • Drying usually happens in under 3 hours


  • Less variety to choose from
  • More expensive at $40-$75/gallon

Why Opacity is Important

The opacity you choose is important to reach the desired coloration of your deck. A stain’s pigment level (opacity) also directly affects the level of protection it provides to the decking and how often it may need to be reapplied.

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4 different opacities

A Toner: this is basically a clear sealant containing barely a hint of color, offering your wood the slightest hue. If you’re looking to maintain your decking as close to its natural look as possible, this is the opacity to choose, however to keep your deck in excellent condition toner should be reapplied annually. 

A Semi-transparent Deck Stain: These are the most popular and best-selling wood stains on the market offering your deck a noticeable color change while still showing some wood green through the overcoat. It also usually lasts up to 3 years depending on application.

A Semi-opaque Deck Stain. This texting will obscure most of your wood’s natural grain being that it is rich in color. It typically will have to be reapplied every 4 years.

An Opaque Deck Stain: Commonly referred to as a solid stain, this offers the longest protection to your wood decking. It is dense though and will completely hide any grain in your wood. This only needs reapplication every four to five years.

Reasons to Leave Deck Staining to the Professionals

#1 Professionals have a deep understanding of deck stains and the pros and cons of each. When looking for Des Moines deck staining we highly suggest working with a professional, as they will help you by providing the most durable and best looking finish for your deck.

#2 Professionals come fully equipped, bringing items such as pressure washers that will need to be used in order to effectively and safely to clean your decking before and after it stains. 

#3 By working with a decking contractor in Des Moines, you can also be sure that your deck gets a full inspection beforehand. Holes, cracks, and anything else that needs to be patched up or replaced should be done so before you go through the staining process. 

#4 Professionals will quickly spot any evidence of mold or rot or termite infestation and tackle the issue immediately, saving you a significant expense that may arise later on with unnecessary repairs. 

#5 Staining is difficult and should be left in the hands of the professional who has the knowledge and tools needed to apply the stain correctly. 

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